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Alvin Chesaro

A Consummate Professional

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I provide quality work with dedication, passion and precision, because I love what I do.

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Problem Solving

Reacting to challenges with decisions that work is my forte. No mountain is high enough, no ocean deep enough... programatically speaking.

Insane Innovation

I translate yours and my own high tier ideas into income generating products and services. I am unafraid of risk... technologically speaking.

Secure Applications

User-Centered Design

Latest Technologies

Value for Money

Unique Designs

Unlimited Support

Featured Projects

Discussion of the Idea

Consultancy & Project Proposal

This revolves around us understanding your business, your competitors and the desired outcome from your project. It forms the basis upon which I craft and structure your project.

Design & Development

Elegant / Unique Custom Design

Creation of wireframes, mockups and initial designs and realization of the proposed designs upon final sign off. I manage this crucial step alongside you ensuring you have a say.

Testing for Perfection

True Quality

Ensuring all that is supposed to work works and the system does not do what it's not supposed to do. This step ensures the system meets all the industry quality requirements.

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